Is an entrepreneurial profile fundamental to having your own business?

Hello! Today I’m going to discuss to you about entrepreneurship that Is an entrepreneurial profile fundamental to having your own business? Is having a business of your own for anyone? There are many professionals who have a profile classified as corporate. They are workers who see themselves with the need to have security, structure, leaders, standards, paid vacation, benefits, among other advantages of a person with a formal contract to work. But that does not mean that these people cannot undertake.

No one really needs to be born an entrepreneur to dedicate themselves to their own business. People with good learning and adaptation skills can also plan to conduct a business through a maturing process, marked by many teachings, obtained from the mistakes and successes of small experiments that can be done even while employees still work, during your free time. These people need to have or develop five characteristics that every entrepreneur needs to build your own successful business. In the book “Smart entrepreneurs enrich more”, I explain that without these 5 characteristics, there is simply no entrepreneurship. First, it is essential that the entrepreneur has vision, that sees what others don’t see about your business.

As Aristotle Onassis said, the secret of business is knowing something that no one else knows. There are a lot of activities that you can invest in your money, time and knowledge. But the entrepreneur is one who sees in one of them the possibility of making a new business model. So you need to be able to see your venture for the next 10, 15, 20 years, regardless of what people around them say. And more than that, share that vision with partners, suppliers, employees and investors, exercising leadership in this construction. The second essential feature for any entrepreneur is having the capacity to manage risks. This is basic, you cannot be an entrepreneur without considering the risks, that are inherent in the entrepreneurial process. I don’t mean unthinking or inconsequential risks. The risk assumed in business must be based on in research, planning and clearly stated objectives.

Without risk, there is no chance for success. Third point, you also need to develop a great ability to establish good relationships. After all, this is how you can keep a productive network of contacts to establish good partnerships and generate an environment of cooperation and results. Now, you can have all the features that I mentioned earlier. But, if you don’t have a good dose of persistence to face the challenges of your business, to beat the competition, to deal with troubled customers and face crises, your enterprise will not survive in the medium term. Persistence is the fourth characteristic essential to undertake. You need to have ambition to set bold goals, and commitment to yourself to carry them out on a daily basis.

Without that dose of passion, you will enter the statistics corporate mortality. Last but not least, you need to plan. Without planning, focus and strategic definitions, your company starts to skate. Therefore, defining objectives and indicators, create action plans and manage time it is essential for this journey. Of course there are other features that successful entrepreneurs can have. But it is important to note that without these five the person who sets out to undertake it will never succeed. So if you’re interested in getting started a venture or already started one, don’t forget: it’s only through these 5 characteristics that you will be able to transform your own business in your future livelihood.

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