Do you know how keep finances in order?

Do you know how to keep finances in order? Shall we discuss about how to keep finances in order? Have you ever imagined driving a car with none of the dashboard controls working, you don’t have speed information, you don’t know if you have fuel, you don’t know if the engine is overheating or not, you don’t have any information on the panel and more: the windshield you’re covered, you don’t know where you’re going and at most what you have are the mirrors that say what you’ve been through? Have you ever imagined yourself driving a car like that? Difficult, right? But don’t you Are you running your business in the same way? For this not to happen, the company’s financial controls. After all, what you can’t get measure, you can’t manage and the controls will give you exactly this measurement, so you can better manage your business.

How to keep finances in order

The first important control financial is a good cash flow. But, contrary to what many entrepreneurs do, it must not be simply a record of everything what has already happened, what you have already paid and what you have already received, but something that you project for the future, that is, a control where you’re going to launch what you’re predicting in the coming weeks, in the coming months of receipts and what you are also predicting, which is already projected, payments in its fixed costs and also in those your purchases from suppliers, paying taxes etc. This record of the future will help you to rethink your business and plan it more efficient, to know if there will be a time when you will need resources in the future and suddenly you can reevaluate a promotion or think on something so as not to run out of cash in the front.

This vision of the future is a vision of planning. Now, you need to monitor this planning and this you will do through cash controls. With the cash controls, then yes, you will register what is happening in your daily life: what were the sales entries you made, what were the outflows related to the payments you made … And that may be separated into two parts: a specific control of the company’s cash, what is happening inside the walls of your business; And another control relating to your bank accounts, your bank control. Read also about Wealth Inequality 

Do you know how keep finances in order?

So, all transactions made with payments and receipts, both in the bank and the company’s cash register, you will register, and comparing, comparing these numbers with your cash flow, you have the projection and the reality and will know if your business is really going in the direction what you have planned, if you are doing better than what you have planned, that would be wonderful, or if it is going below what you planned.

But the important thing is that, viewing it before that, you can take preventive measures and already adjust the course of your boat before you have problems ahead. To learn how to do all these calculations and know more details on all these points, look for the nearest Sebrae! .

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