Four horsemen of personal finance

Have you heard of the Four Horsemen of personal finance future? Well, I have done a lot of reading trying to get these together for you and wrote a brilliant own finance plan piece. Let’s discuss about the biblical four horsemen you know they are pestilence war famine and death, but pens o’s Four Horsemen of personal finance are as follows cigarettes lottery tickets alcohol and dining out. Now cigarettes forget the health consequences. You know that you’re higher spending level matches your addiction, which should give you pause lottery tickets are often called a stupid tax considering the astronomical odds of winning. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than winning the lottery alcohol is much like cigarettes soft drinks are about a quarter the price. You get free refills do you really need to buy alcohol out. It’s very expensive and finally dining out is five times more expensive than cooking in. So if you’re on a budget, that’s the right answer like it or not have some articles linked on the money.

  Beware the Four Horsemen of Personal Finance

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