Pay debts, save money, change apartments. I just started thinking about it, when I broke it! What is taking your sleep away? Help me to help you. Be happy! This content is about priorities. What is your priority? How you did to define your priorities and start investing?


So, let’s go, opportunity according to the law that consists of surpassing the others, to move ahead. For example, Child is a priority for many people. One of the phrases that I heard most in my life was the following: “a child will cost you 1 million reais!” One minute! 1 million reais? I said I want to see if my daughter will cost 1 million reais. Important! I don’t think that a son is a cost, I think that a son is an investment.

If you can invest 1 million reais in your son or daughter it is a good deal. When I decided to become a father, the first thing I did was to write down all the expenses my daughter had. When she made her first cry, I said: now I’m going to start thinking about my daughter’s future. And another thing, she has to worry about my daughter’s future, but as I can help, I’m already worrying.

You heard that phrase on the plane like this: “Masks will fall off automatically, first you put on yourself and then on the child”. Why that? Because when the father has the priority to think about his future, he can think about his son’s future. So, my daughter today, 10 years old, I’m already thinking about her college. This is the future! And how do you plan this? Thinking about the future. But you can have the priority of buying your first property.

I’m getting into these issues here so you can understand what is a priority in your life. There are people who have priority to want to study, but it’s no use thinking about studying if you don’t give it priority. But, for example, I’m a guy who has real estate, right? I like real estate. What is my priority? Take care of my properties. After I started to understand this financial world, I had a goal to buy my first property. I remember it like it was today, when I bought my first apartment, bought in the plant. I ran out, went to meet Marlene Mattos, who was a big mom to me and said: “Marlene, bought my apartment! ” “Oh, my son! Congratulations! Beautiful thing, beautiful thing!” I took that and boom! Only I didn’t have an apartment yet, it was there in the plant. Learn also about 7 Reasons Why You Will Fail

But do you know what was cool? I lived in the Grajaú neighborhood and worked in Curicica, so I had to go through Jacarepaguá, Grajaú-Jacarepaguá. Every day I stopped in front of the work and stayed there for ten minutes every day to see a brick, a slab. I already knew everyone on the job! For me, to be there every day was very rewarding and I did it for two years, two years I spent there. One day the construction company said: “do you want to know your apartment?”. I said: “can I know?” It was brick, it was flagstone, but it was such an incredible achievement for me that even today I pass in front of this property, to this day I look at him like that, hey, how cool! And every day I stopped there to see brick by brick.

Life is brick by brick, priority by priority. Every resource I earned, all the money I earned buying my first property, what did I do? I paid for this first property, paying, paying, paying … When I finished paying for that first property, I left that property, put him to rent and buy another property. And then I started to make this type of investment planning. Only I realized that when I rented the properties, tenants did not insure these properties. Calm down! If these properties are my priorities, I have to take care of my properties! So, I started to insure these properties, because if it’s mine, if it’s mine priority, I started to take care of that. Did you understand? The properties will be for my future, when I am at my best age, they will work for me. That’s why I worry about all of this. That’s why I always set aside some of my money, to take care of my priorities.

I give priority to all my achievements. Because conquering is not enough, you have to take care. I take care of everything that gave me trouble to achieve. What’s up brother? Did you call? Let’s write down the priorities, let’s go for it and take good care of what you have! We’re together? .

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