Create your financial plan now

Do you want to Create your financial plan now? Stay here in this article because today i am going to discuss about hoe to Create your financial management plan now in hand, ready to put into practice. Do you know what is essential for the success of your financial plan?

Create your financial plan now

The first stage of this plan is to determine where you want to go, you need to have your goals listed here in 3 categories: short, medium and long term. Short from 1 to 2 years, average from 2 to 5 years and long from 5 years. Then you will determine what you want acquire in this period, right, so you will get, for example, I want to buy a car in 2 years, what is the value of that car and i will dilute in this period that i have.

So, for example, next year you will already have part of it being done, even if it’s 2 years from now for you to buy your dear car, but what I can already do now, month after month so that 2 years from now I really have this car and to all your goals are going to do that. How much does my goal cost? How much will I collect per month for each of these goals? What is the period, the date I want to effect that. So I need to be very clear, guys, I’m going to buy my car, I’m going to buy in May 2020, I’m going there, I’m going to buy my car, it costs 20 thousand the car I want to buy, so how much do I need to add and linked to my investments so that really this date is attainable, sometimes we do this process, set a date and starts to bring to our reality the value we need to fulfill this date and is not viable, because sometimes, people, most of the time, we don’t just want the car in 2020, right, we want to take a trip with the family, we want to renovate the house, we want to do several things along the way and we have to see then, or I’ll give priority to some things and extend the others, right, so the car doesn’t it will be 2 years from now, it will be 3 because there are more important things to do before and then I dilute it, you know, the longer my term, the lower the amount I have to save now.

So this is all very important, the first step is without any judgment, with nothing yet rational, what are my goals, what do I want to accomplish, then you start to set the deadlines there and start playing with those deadlines as you can fit your budget there, because you need to know how much you have there monthly to achieve your goals. It’s a very important thing for you to do for a living, is to have your budget super clear and organized, because then you you know exactly, you know, what I can make available for my goals. And if it’s missing money that you’re not able to direct, it’s time to cut expenses and focus in extra income. And even if your goal is medium, long term going from 5 years, you you have to remember that to maintain your motivation during these 5 years, you need to get that goal and break it down into small goals, so like this, every 6 months, if it’s the long one term, you have to add a certain amount, you have to arrive at a certain amount point that brings you closer to that goal.

The term finance plan means how you manage your money and plan for new business goals to achieve them

Here in the 3rd step you set this value, clear, how much I will separate for each objective according to all the deadlines. I have already defined, including a really cool content here. It’s like reaching 10 thousand reais in 1 year, if this is your goal, to save money next year. This content will help you a lot, because it shows you step by step, that’s exactly what you have to do for any plan you want, it’s a trip, it’s saving money, it’s marriage, new house, new car, all of this has a beginning, middle and end for you to accomplish. So you have to start for some time. I’ll add what, how much I need to add. So if is to accomplish this year, so the priority is these goals, most of my monthly reserve, it will be to boost this objective that is more important and the smallest for longer goals. After all I have more time to be able to boost the reserves of them. So, marriage is next year, I want to join 10,000 next year, so the priority is to boost the reserve of these objectives.

There is no formula secret and certain that it will serve for everyone about financial planning. What exists, is this balance and you adjust to your reality. It’s important that you get measure what you have accomplished, see that there are certain things that are coming off the paper. So even if it wasn’t everything you wanted, there are 10 goals in the year, for most people lack time, lack money management, lack disposition, because they have to pay attention for many other things in life. It’s the first time you’re stopping to create a financial plan. So it’s okay, you don’t have much idea of ​​the number of goals that you will define, your ability to achieve, but from from the moment you start to create your plan and put it into practice. You will already creating metrics there. You will already be feeling what your capacity for accomplishment is and not there is right or wrong. You may have defined 10 goals and then realized 2. There is a maintenance step, with a certain frequency, mainly in the beginning of your plan. You evaluate it, do maintenance, then adjust it here, adjust it there. It is important that you realize, that if you have set goals that are really important to you. You will hardly have to give them up or you will be discouraged or lose the desire to perform, because it is the thing that does the opposite, you know, I really want this from here, so we end up motivating ourselves.

Do not forget, people, to make your visualization mural. You don’t need to leave it printed on home. It can be on the cell phone, some background, it can be on the side of the bed, on the headboard there, a little book, something you do some collage. This is very important, you have to be there every day, because during the year, we end up facing the difficulties. You end up seeing things that get, discouraged, then we look at those images, has contact with what motivated us to create the plan and then, of course, you can also have things that we change our minds. This was not so much that I wanted. So , it’s okay to give up goals that wouldn’t make sense, if we can giving up is because we didn’t really want to. And Nova Futura helped me in one step very important part of this plan, which is your investment plan, we have already arrived so far with its defined objectives and deadlines.

Now you go take this monthly amount already defined and will separate it for your goals. You will separate here into 3 categories, it will be distributed as follows: 50% for short-term goals, 30% for medium-term goals and 20% for long-term goals. A practical example, you’ll get 500 reais a month, that’s what you’ve defined that will bring together all months. You will separate into the 3 categories that we just discuss here. So 50% it will be 250 reais out of 500, it will be for your short-term goals. You will get 150 reais of this value for medium term objectives and 100 reais of this value for objectives long term.

Nova Futura spent these investments here according to these terms. Where you can distribute your money according to the goals, you are creating in your planning. There is the stage of prepare for the unexpected, people, here it is very important to evaluate some categories. For-example, opportunity reserve, which is that financial reserve that will get you supply. If something that is not programmed in your budget happens and does not harm all your plans, also if you have family, dependents or work on your own, it is interesting to evaluate the possibility of insuring, insurance against disability, death, accidents. This can help the family to stay focused on their goals and not have a big financial shock.

So for the success of your plan, it is important that you have this protection, evaluate what is best for you.There is also a one-page financial plan following all of these steps and a few extra things here to make you round and do it differently this year, now you have a financial plan in hand, you can put it into practice and do it differently this year, have a healthy and prosperous financial life and accomplish much more goals.

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