Financial Planning Simple Steps

Did you know that the big reason people don’t get their goals off the ground is for lack of planning? Guys, financial planning is not about money, it’s about freedom and it’s in this video here that I’m going to show you how you’re going to create your financial planning for two thousand and twenty in a very simple way and, in fact, take there your paper goals. 

Well, before starting an addendum here, it’s important that you take the time of concentration and dedication for you to do your planning, after all they are your dreams, your plans, look at the importance of that. So you start and dedicate yourself preferably start and end on the same day, without internet, dedicating yourself there really what you want and after a couple of weeks, take a look again, make some adjustments and everything is beautiful. So, guys, the first thing we’re going to do is the first step which is to recap, nothing more than a retrospective of the year that is ending. Ah if we knew, could understand how important this is, how much evaluating our experiences is pure wealth and better prepares us for the next steps, because we want to do it. So, guys, stay here until a tip for you to do next year, if you haven’t already, is to have a diary.

Nothing better than having a place where you will immediately register when things happened, in the flower of emotion, why? Our brain nails us some little pieces, so over time, it distorts situations, emotions are no longer the same, sometimes it increases something that wasn’t so great, over time, right? Or something that was very large, it’s reduced, so it’s too important that we have this record of the thing there to rescue, mainly, in an hour of recapitulation as well as the we have to do it now in the first step. But if you don’t have it, no problem, take it and ask questions there to follow, the best part of all this is that Mai brought a file here with a step by step, all the powerful questions to help you create very rich planning, for free, just download the link below, I don’t I will go into all the questions that I separated because they are already here in the file, so low and fill it in or if you want, open it in your drive and fill it in, ok, here I’ll just give you finance guidance on how to fill it out.

So, in that first place is to evaluate what I achieved in two thousand and nineteen, what was good, what it wasn’t and it wasn’t good why, and it was good why, I didn’t take that goal off the ground why, is to look at the wheel of your life there and evaluate what you paid the most attention to, the that you were unable to pay attention to, what was your focus at the beginning of the year, you kept, what you’ve improved and everything, so there’s a complete guide there for you to do that first step which is to recap.

Recapitulated, now what is your starting point, ok, so where do you leave for the New Year, what is my income, what are my expenses, what are my investments, what have I kept, then you have your current map, that x-ray that we talk about a lot here, right, there’s a video that I showed as you organize your financial life here in a very simple step by step, if you want take a look, he is amazing to help you. And there’s also another video that I want to tell you here that it is the Pot Method to help you organize the budget monthly in a very cool way, super simple too, so take a look here. Or I have already looked at my walk here, I understood where I got and how I am leaving for my New Year, I need to understand, right? After all, next year I will do this recap, so I’m going to have to look at where I started from, oh that moment there that I did my planning I was like this, like this, baked, so I can have data to analyze my process too, making this comparison, oh I earned so much, now I end the year like this, so the more information you have, the better for you to measure your evolution.

The business has to be analytical for you to be able to follow its evolution or even even some detours along the way, which can happen and you can get back there, have a much clearer reference to things. The second step is to identify, identify how do you want your year to be, your New Year, right, we are planning it, so this is the rich time, it is the time of desires, it is the time of dreams, it is the time of plans, so you can travel a lot there and get back to reality in planning, right, is to look and say “ok, what I want to achieve, how I want to feel, what are my priorities, what are the changes I want, how do I want myself to see, at the end of next year, who I want to be, how do I want to see myself? ” it’s practically also a letter for you in the future, this planning, you follow and then say “man, look, I said I wanted to get here in December of two thousand and twenty feeling x, y, z and how am i doing? Wow, much better or pull, it didn’t work! Or, okay, I met expectations.

“It’s nice to look at, because we don’t follow, we don’t notice our changes, we don’t register, so with that, we get lost very easily, you will have your guide there monthly for you to take a look and follow and understand, if I have to, come back, look here, ok my priority here, I said that the priority this year was this, here are my values, what did I want to manage my year, where am I going, did I change my mind? So let me adjust the planning or not, no, that’s what I put there in December that I want to do, so let’s continue, let me resume here, which is super normal.

When we don’t have financial planning, life goes like this, oh, I’m going there, it can be for here, whatever and then it comes at the end of the year with that lot of frustration, the feeling that you didn’t do anything, really, when we don’t work guided, the feeling is this one, to stay there, but it will not happen anymore, right, guys, we have this super simple planning for you to follow. And step three is that without action we can’t do anything, so let’s act on the third step, here you will do all monitoring, will determine your steps, your actions, dates, deadlines, which it is effectively the practical step that I will take in January, for January I already have to have something to do and then you have an obligation to evaluate your results monthly. After all, in a year goal, you have to have smaller monthly goals, it’s not truth? So, let’s assume that you have a goal that will be accomplished in six months, in June, so I have six months to work with him, not all my goals will only be reached in December, right? And even those that will be reached in December, will be worked in the previous months and they will only be effective and these pieces will only come together in one big puzzle, if I can keep my organization monthly, following up.

As I said, our brains play a lot of tricks, so what I determine here, if I never look at this planning business finances again, naturally he’s not going to be of any use. So, I need him to be my partner from now on, put it in a bag, a plastic bag, a folder, a mural, where you have access there every month and an appointment meeting with yourself. I’ll separate one day, the last day of the month, I’m going there, I’m going to sit down, I’m going to make my notes, I’m going to book my progress, I will mark my changes, in case anything in the way has changed, we change our mind and stay calm, okay? Everything is very quiet, but you need to adjust the route there so that you can, in fact, feel satisfied and satisfied at the end of the year, for having followed something productive there.

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